HELP! I’m new to babywearing

New to babywearing and feeling completely overwhelmed by The Babywearing Swap and Babywearing 102 pages?


No worries! Come to a Babywearing International of Central Iowa meeting. Here’s the 411 on our meetings:


We meet the first Tuesday of every month at 10 AM and 6 PM


We meet at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Westminster Hall. The church is located at 4114 Allison Ave in Des Moines. There’s parking available across the street or in the back parking lot.

What Can I Expect from a Meeting

At the start of the meeting the VBE’s (Volunteer Babywearing Educators) introduce themselves and their children (if children are present). We go around the room and each person in attendance introduces himself/herself and any guests. We also ask that attendants say what they’d like to learn from the meeting (back carries, help with a ring sling, etc.) The VBE’s then do a short demonstrate on the most commonly requested carries. The VBE’s then break into smaller groups and provide small group and one-on-one instruction and spotting. One VBE or VBE in training will be available to assist BWI members on checking in/out carriers from the lending library. The lending library is available for everyone to try on and play with, but only members can check out the carriers.

Can I Come Late/Leave Early

Of course you can! Our meetings are very informal.

Can I Bring my Child/Big Kids/Significant Other

Absolutely you can! We are a family friendly place. We do have Elvis, an adorable 15 lb weighted doll available for practice carries.

Are Food and Drink Allowed

Yes! We know that the meeting times may fall during toddler snack or meal times. So feel free to bring food/drink for your little ones. We just ask that you please clean up after yourself and your guests. We also ask that for the safety of all of the children that food remain at the tables with an adult supervising. Nursing mothers are welcome to breastfeed during the meetings.

How Do I Become a Member of BWI of Central Iowa

To become a member, fill out this form, and send $30 paypal to

Can I Sign up for Membership at the Meeting

Unfortunately you cannot. Due to the church’s policy, they ask that money does not exchange hands during the meetings. So please sign up for membership prior to coming to the meeting. If you sign up the day of, it may not be in our system yet so please print out your confirmation or take a screen shot from your cell phone so you can begin using a carrier right away.


Don’t forget to join the Babywearing International of Central Iowa Facebook page. We have a great babywearing community that is available to help answer questions, offer support, and make new babywearing friendships.


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