In Case You Missed It…Katherine’s Rhymes

BWI of Central Iowa is having a super fabulous incentive for new members to join in the month of March. So in case you missed it, here’s a re-cap of some of the awesomeness that is going down in preparation for this:

Katherine Gamble–my rhyming soul sister threw down some sick beats here:

We love our members ever so much
Our library’s full of pretties to touch
We only have a few days to go
Wait until March and you will know
You’ll see the fun things we have for you
Until then, to get you through 
Here’s a sneak peak of a personal fav 
About this prize I know you will rave
Watch for my next post and you will see
A gorgeous necklace from Sweet Pea!


How about a bit of poetry for you? Also by the acclaimed Central Iowa mama herself–Katherine!

Calli Tuggle likes to hint
Suzi Lang‘s eyes have a glint
CarrieAnn Miller‘s such a sweet pea
Tyler Lane is full of whismy 

As for me, I can’t wait for Spring
All the fun that it will bring
March is coming in just a few days
Join BWI of CI for our fun giveaways!!!



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