The Dark Side of the 4th Trimester

So tired. So hungry. And so lonely. Do you remember those feelings? Those ‘new mom’ feelings? They’re the taboo topics that What to Expect When You’re Expecting doesn’t hit on. Although many women experience the “Baby Blues” or even Postpartum Depression (PDD) we want you to know that you are not alone.


How can babywearing help alleviate those feelings? A Volunteer Babywearing Educator cannot diagnosis your PDD. BUT we may be the driving force to encourage you to speak to a medical professional. If you are experiencing sadness, fatigue, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety and irritability we urge you to speak to a medical professional. Source: How do we know this. Because we’ve been there. We know what that cold dark place is like. And we don’t want any other moms to feel that way. We want you to be the best mom that you can be. For you and for your child.


But realistically, can babywearing help with PPD? And the answer is yes.

Babywearing reduces infant crying. Less crying is less stress for mom.

Babywearing allows for children to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. Again, less stress for mom.

Babywearing increases the mother’s confidence in her ability to care for the baby. Like animals, babies can sense insecurities and those making them [babies] anxious.

Babywearing promotes bonding between caregiver and child. There are studies that show the correlation between babywearing helps promote a secure attachment.

Babywearing helps satisfy the baby’s need for human interaction. Human touch, which
is facilitated through babywearing, reduces the baby’s need for eye contact and verbal interaction, both of which can be a struggle for mothers suffering from depression.

You can care for your child while doing other things. Babywearing allows the caregiver and the child to be physically close, which allows for the caregiver’s hands to be free to do household chores or interact with other children.

Babywearing allows for mobility. Babywearing allows the caregiver and child to experience things that may not be possible with a stroller.

gemd_02_img0084 brochure for email.pdf

And lastly, babywearing events and meetings are a chance for you to socialize with other moms. You can make friends. If you have older children, they can play.

Additional meetings available in the Des Moines Area include
Beyond Birth:
The Des Moines Stay at Home Moms Group:


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