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TwinGo Baby Carrier Review

Review of one of our New Additions: The TwinGo Baby Carrier!

My first thought when I opened the box and checked out this new carrier made specifically for tandem wearing was “wow it has everything!” And it really does: Nice large hoods that can be rolled away and secured with elastic, zippered pockets for storage, adjustable waist band for fit and comfort, and a multitude of ways that it can be worn! Out of all the carriers I’ve tried over the years, I’ve truly never seen anything quite like the TwinGo.
The TwinGo baby carrier is made up of two separate buckle carriers that can be attached to one another for wearing two children at once, also known as tandem wearing. The orange carrier is called the Attachment carrier and the blue one is called the Base carrier. Both carriers can be worn on their own in a regular front or back carry. All you have to do is make sure the Attachment carrier has its shoulder straps buckled in place and secured with the safety elastic. Then you’re set for each parent to wear a child! The Attachment carrier can also be worn in a hip carry much like an Ergo can. The Base carrier cannot because its straps do not detach.
The first thing I tried was a back carry with my six month old in the Base carrier, and it was quite comfortable! The shoulder straps are nicely padded and the fit is great. The only downside was the feeling that the chest strap and webbing are a little thinner than I’m used to, and they felt slightly more delicate. But overall, I was impressed! And I was excited to move on to trying a tandem carry with both of my kids.
Each separate carrier can hold a maximum of 40-45 lbs on its own but when the carriers are attached to one another, they hold a max weight of 70 lbs. This is more than enough in my opinion. I tried the carrier with my four year old and six month old and was wearing a total of 60 lbs (my kids are not small! :). This is a carrier that would work extremely well not only for parents of twins but for parents of two children of different ages, even with a large age gap like mine have! As for minimum weight, the company recommends that baby is at least 10 pounds for a front carry. With their infant insert, a front carry can be done from 7 pounds, with baby’s legs either in newborn or froggy position. Back carries aren’t recommended by the company until at least 4 months when baby has good head control. This recommendation is different than what we usually see with buckle carriers, which is 6 months and sitting unassisted.
When the carriers are connected together, there is a safety strap that can be used in the Attachment (front) carrier to further secure the child. This feature isn’t possible to use when the carrier is used on its own since the buckles are needed for the shoulder straps. It’s a nice little extra to have though when tandem wearing!
Before putting on the carriers to do a tandem carry, the waist bands need adjusted. The instructions include guidelines for getting the best fit, but basically, you can fold and unfold part of the waist band on each carrier to custom fit your waist size. If you fold both parts in on both carriers, it will be smaller and if you unfold them all, it will be larger. I found the best fit for me was with one carrier folded and one unfolded. This is a feature that allows both carriers to be flush against your body while connected. The waist bands then buckle to one another. Make sure to use the safety elastic after you have buckled and tightened! The next step is to loosen the shoulder straps of the blue Base Carrier and detach the shoulder straps of the orange Attachment carrier. Please note that the Base carrier should always go on back and the Attachment on front when doing a tandem carry.
Once that is done, you are ready to position the carriers with one on each hip so you can load your back baby on. Using the hip scoot method, I put my toddler on my back. I tightened the straps and got him adjusted as I normally would in a single back carry, including fastening the chest belt. At this point, the orange carrier was just hanging down my front, ready for my six month old. I loaded my six month old in and secured the safety strap on the inside. I then made sure to lift her up while buckling the orange carrier to the blue carrier to make sure I wouldn’t over tighten the back carrier. I then tightened and secured the safety elastic. And voila! They were up! I have to admit, it felt pretty darn good for 60 pounds of kid!
So now the moment of truth. I will share what I deem to be the positive and negative attributes of this carrier.
The downfalls:
1. While I didn’t measure the panel size, it was obvious to me that it is pretty small compared to other carriers I’ve tried
2. The chestbelt and webbing feel somewhat thin and delicate so I was cautious while adjusting the carrier
3. There are a lot of buckles. This carrier is more complicated and has more of a learning curve than most buckle carriers do simply because of the number of steps involved. But hey! You get two kids in one carrier essentially, so what did I expect?
The positives:
1. This carrier has anything and everything you could want in a buckle carrier these days: a chest belt, well-padded shoulder straps, pocket storage, nice hoods, and a well-designed infant insert
2. The TwinGo has SO MANY OPTIONS for wearing! A single back carry, front carry, or hip carry along with its signature tandem option. You can’t ask for much more than that!
3. Overall, and most importantly, this carrier is really very comfortable to wear!
4. Another important point to make is that for the retail price of about $215, you are essentially getting two carriers, so it’s a pretty great deal too.
All in all, the TwinGo has a lot to offer, and I would recommend it in a heartbeat to any and every twin parent I know. While it was somewhat challenging the first time I used it, that is to be expected with any new carrier. All the wearing options it allows makes all the steps and buckles worth it in my opinion. And as you can see from my picture, my kids loved it as well! What a cool product!
To see a video tutorial I made for using the TwinGo, please follow this link:
Happy Babywearing!

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Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier Review

My 6 month old has recently begun sitting up unassisted. Of course, with my love for babywearing this milestone could only mean one thing: He’s finally old enough to back carry in a soft structured carrier! I’ve used several SSCs but recently purchased a 2nd generation Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier. When my first son was an infant I used a 1st generation so I was excited to compare the two versions.

My favorite thing about the Lenny Lamb is that is was soft and floppy right out of the box. I love that all of their SSCs are wrap conversions. I consider myself to be mostly a wrapper and am usually not impressed with the stiffness of canvas carriers. It’s nice to find a full wrap conversion for less than the cost of other popular brands. There are so many design options as well, which made choosing one difficult. I ended up picking Forest Meadow, but it was hard to resist some of the beautiful jacquard options. I also found the waist and shoulder straps to be very comfortable. I don’t like a lot of bulk on my shoulders and found the light padding to be perfect for me.

Lenny Lamb’s carrier boasts a few more unique features. A change was made for the 2nd generation carrier, instead of seat darts the seat is pleated which creates a deep seat. This makes the panel seem a little bit bigger than its predecessor. For me, this is a huge plus because my 2 year old still fits decently in the baby size. His legs were uncomfortable in the 1st generation about a year ago. This width also means that infants will probably need an insert a bit longer than other carriers. My 6 month old is of average height and he just barely fits. It also features three way adjustable shoulder straps including PFAs (Perfect fit adjusters). I usually keep the PFAs cinched all the way up and loosen them to nurse. They are nice and long and make it simple to adjust him to reach my breasts. The waist and the shoulder strap buckles have a 3 point safety feature. I actually consider this to be a pro and a con. I love redundancy features on SSCs and it’s great to know that I can really trust the buckle to hold, but I need both hands to undo the clip. I either need to fumble with the buckle with a baby on my hip or set him down which isn’t always an option when we are running errands.


Ultimately, I am impressed with the overall quality and aesthetics. It’s comfortable, gorgeous, and easy to use. With a weight limit of 44 pounds I’m sure that I will be using this carrier for a long time!

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