Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier Review

My 6 month old has recently begun sitting up unassisted. Of course, with my love for babywearing this milestone could only mean one thing: He’s finally old enough to back carry in a soft structured carrier! I’ve used several SSCs but recently purchased a 2nd generation Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier. When my first son was an infant I used a 1st generation so I was excited to compare the two versions.

My favorite thing about the Lenny Lamb is that is was soft and floppy right out of the box. I love that all of their SSCs are wrap conversions. I consider myself to be mostly a wrapper and am usually not impressed with the stiffness of canvas carriers. It’s nice to find a full wrap conversion for less than the cost of other popular brands. There are so many design options as well, which made choosing one difficult. I ended up picking Forest Meadow, but it was hard to resist some of the beautiful jacquard options. I also found the waist and shoulder straps to be very comfortable. I don’t like a lot of bulk on my shoulders and found the light padding to be perfect for me.

Lenny Lamb’s carrier boasts a few more unique features. A change was made for the 2nd generation carrier, instead of seat darts the seat is pleated which creates a deep seat. This makes the panel seem a little bit bigger than its predecessor. For me, this is a huge plus because my 2 year old still fits decently in the baby size. His legs were uncomfortable in the 1st generation about a year ago. This width also means that infants will probably need an insert a bit longer than other carriers. My 6 month old is of average height and he just barely fits. It also features three way adjustable shoulder straps including PFAs (Perfect fit adjusters). I usually keep the PFAs cinched all the way up and loosen them to nurse. They are nice and long and make it simple to adjust him to reach my breasts. The waist and the shoulder strap buckles have a 3 point safety feature. I actually consider this to be a pro and a con. I love redundancy features on SSCs and it’s great to know that I can really trust the buckle to hold, but I need both hands to undo the clip. I either need to fumble with the buckle with a baby on my hip or set him down which isn’t always an option when we are running errands.


Ultimately, I am impressed with the overall quality and aesthetics. It’s comfortable, gorgeous, and easy to use. With a weight limit of 44 pounds I’m sure that I will be using this carrier for a long time!


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