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Wrap Review: Danusling’s Bronte George

Review of Danuslings’s Bronte George

Wrap: Bronte George
Blend: 52% Irish Linen and 48% Cotton
Size: 4


Age of Child being carried: 10 month old leaner and seat popper

I got the pleasure of hosting a Danusling tester for the last 2 weeks! If you aren’t familiar with the company, Danu is out of Ireland.  Danu blends their Irish heritage with the wrap to create an amazing story of Irish past, present and future. Danu currently has six collections: Bronte; Celtic; Enigma, Irish Poetry, Narnia and Nature.  What I love about Danu’s designs is they understated elegance.   

The wrap I hosted was out of the Bronte collection. Named after the Bronte sisters.  Bronte George is very regal looking in person, which is fitting because one of the reasons it’s named George is after Prince George’s first birthday! The other reason is for George Smith who agreed to publish Jane Eyre when no one else would. The roses are almost 3D like when you see the wrap in person and the contrast of blue and white is beautiful.

When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was considering the linen content. It was definitely not as soft as 100% cotton, but I know with more use, it will get close! I think it needs a little more breaking in and when that happens, I think it will be an even better wrap.

I tried a few carries with the wrap.  The first carry I tried was the coolest hip carry. While the wrap was very supportive, I felt the one shoulder carry allowed the wrap to dig in my shoulder more than I would like.

The next carry I tried was a two leg pass shepherds carry.  I love this carry because the seat is unpoppable! I felt this carry evenly distributed the weight on two shoulder taking away the dinginess I felt in my previous wrap job. Since there is not much stretch in this linen blend once I had the passes tightened, my little one wasn’t going anywhere.  It was very supportive and held in my wiggle worm nicely.  Even when he finally got his arms out I knew he was not going anywhere.

I also tried a kangaroo carry with the wrap.  Again, it felt much better on my shoulders than a single shoulder carry, but it still dug in a little bit. I believe it is just the top rail that is digging in to my shoulder.   That could easily be because I didn’t have it positioned in the best spot on my shoulder.  The single pass carry felt very secure and supported my baby well.

I really think this wrap would shine in single pass back carries, but that is still a struggle with my 10 month old. I just can’t do them yet with my seat popping leaner!

So what’s my final thoughts?

George is a beautiful wrap that will need a dedicated person to break it in. I’m sure a lot of braiding and steam ironing will be needed if purchased new. It is very supportive and would work best for toddlers. If you have picky shoulders, the linen content might make this a little uncomfortable for long ups. But if your shoulders can handle the linen you have yourself one awesome baby jail. Once you get it tight and secure, your little one isn’t going anywhere!

Review by Chapter Support Volunteer Jacquie Welty.

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International Babywearing Week

Next week is International Babywearing Week! This is an amazing week long event celebrating babywearing in all its forms. It runs from October 4-October 10. Our local group will be celebrating as well as the national organization. We’re going to have events throughout the week so don’t forget to check out our facebook group or our group for fun activities! Here is a list of what we have planned for the week:


Here are the links to the fun events we’re having over the week!

There’s going to be a Community Walk in collaboration with Hike It Baby Des Moines:

We have our West Des Moines morning meeting and our Ankeny meeting that week as well:

We are also planning a get together at Center Grove Orchard in Cambridge:

Along with the in person events, we’re having a scavenger hunt throughout the week to gain IBW points. Look for the list of items to be posted on Sunday! Those points can be used for prizes after the week is over. We’re also going to be having rights to draw for prizes as well!

The National group also has some great things going on over on their page too, so be sure to check over there and follow their page if you haven’t already!


All in all, it looks to be a very great week! We look forward to your participating.

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